Vild issue 5 PDF

Vild issue 5 PDF


What is VILD about? Like most comic books, Vild is a wild tale. It's about Harry Vild, a private detective/ex-assassin, who has to save an old friend from a cybernetic cult called Faceless.
Faceless were once a mega corporation called Global Face, but a demon from another dimension takes over the company, after she enters our reality through a science experiment. The demon's name is Queen Mab, and she also wants to possess Maari Matthews - Harry Vild's friend. Harry must save Maari from Mab, with the help of his work colleague Robert Deakins AKA Bob, an ex-CIA agent Travis Skott, another demon called Cyan, and a small band of British soldiers. Vild is a six part series.

VILD issue 5 PDF - 32 pages. Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat or iBooks.

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