Vild issue 4 PDF

Vild issue 4 PDF


 After being tricked into meeting Maari Matthews, a friend who once tried to kill Vild. He is now trying to save her from a strange cult called Faceless. Their leader, Queen Mab, has possessed Maari and is using her as a surrogate body. Vild and his business partner Bob have teamed up with a group of British soldiers, a rogue C.I.A. agent, and a demon called Cyan to get her back. Plus, one member of Faceless, who is called The Major Problem Solver, has a personal grudge against Vild. The Major has taken a sacred oath to seek revenge, and kill Harry Vild. Set against the desert backdrop of New Mexico, this action packed issue should answer questions about the past, and create new ones about the future.

VILD issue 4 PDF - 24 pages. Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat or iBooks.

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