Vild Studio by Jonathan Cowen is based in Malmö, Sweden and produces illustrations, comic books and art.

Vild issue five is finished

Vild issue five is finished

After a rather extended wait, issue 5 of Vild is finally finished. The PDF version is out now and can be purchased from our web shop, the Comixology release date is still TBC, and if you want a copy in print it will be launched at this year’s London Film & Comic Con. You might be wondering why this isn’t the final issue? Well, I always planned Vild to be a 5 issue series, but things don’t always go to plan. Issue 5 was meant to be a double size issue, but it was taking too long to finish. So, rather than make you wait even longer, I split the issue in half. Vild is now a six issue series, I hope you don’t mind.

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Here are some pictures from the print version:

Copenhagen exhibition

Copenhagen exhibition